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Boldon, Jarrow, School, University, Earlier Work
Where I live - Niwbwrch / Newborough Anglesey / Ynys Mon, North Wales
Holidays in Ireland

*Derryclare Lough in Ireland

Me - 2003

Hiya! and welcome to my website.  On this site I'll be telling you about myself and what I do and I will share some of my interests and ideas.
I work in North Wales and live on the Isle of Anglesey although I spent the earliest years of my life in the North East of England in a village called Boldon.  I also used to live and work for the Youth Hostels Association (YHA) at the Youth Hostel in Carter Lane, in the City of London (near St. Paul's Cathedral).  I also lived in Watford, Hertfordshire and a village called Slapton near Leighton Buzzard on the Bedfordshire/Buckinghamshire border.
*Why Derryclare Lough? - Well this is one of our favourite views in Ireland where we like to go on holiday.  Just sit there and feel the quiet!
My Favourites
Favourite Bands:
          The Blues Brothers
(click on the link above to watch and listen to the trailer of their classic 1980 film)
(click on the link above to watch and listen to the Eurivision Song Contest Winner and other videos and music on Lordi's Official Finnish Website)
Favourite Singer:
          Andrea Bocelli
Favourite TV shows:
          Have I Got News For You
          The Prisoner
                                     "Be Seeing you........"
Favourite movies:
          Lawrence of Arabia
                    Did you know Peter O'Toole is a Sunderland supporter?
          Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King
Favourite books:
          Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck
          Narrow Dog to Carcassonne by Terry Darlington
          The Hike by Don Shaw (described as
          "Last of the Summer Wine meets
          the Ramblers Association")
Favourite shop:
          Amazon (books, games, household)
Favourite football teams:
Favourite cuisine:
          Mediterranean and French
          (I get my recipies from Delia)
Favourite English food:
          Shepherds (or Cottage) Pie
Favourite photos - well a few of them at least - see right

My Hobbies

Beer - brewing
Mrs Isabella Beeton in 1859 described beer as "nothing more than a weak ale".  Important for her were "transparency of colour and an agreeable bitterness of taste ... made from the best pale malt or amber and malt.  As a beverage it is agreeable when fresh; but it is not adapted to keep long."
Beer - drinking
Mrs Beeton was right!
Local History - of wherever I happen to be at the time
Industrial Archaeology and Heritage
Country Walking - now enjoying the Anglesey Coast
Watching football
Most Admired Person
Duke of Wellington - the man not the pub - mind you the pub's alright as well
Favourite Links
Nearby Webcam (on the A55 - Britannia Bridge)
A Love Supreme (Sunderland Football Club unofficial fanzine)

Holiday in Ireland

Snowdon from our back garden

Pass of Llanberis in snow from back garden

Our weather
Weather for LL61 near us.
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